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If you start with cryptocurrency then it’s BTCBOX

High Trading

High quality matching engine
provides high liquidity

Courteous Customer

Speedy Trouble Shooting
Beginner Friendly

High Security

Stable system with our SSL server certificate
for continuous steady operations

Strict Asset

Most of our customer assets are saved
in the off-line Wallet

※CoinMarketCap 2019/12/22「 Top 100 Cryptocurrency Exchanges by Trade Volume:Adjusted Volume(24h)」Rated 1st among Japanese exchanges

Latest Notice

The process of Trade and Transfer

How to create an account

Only 4 steps to register!

Please check here

Register by e-mail

Go to KYC

Get an one-time code

Start trading

2-6 days to complete registration (in case for those living in Japan)

(Account inspections will be conducted for registration)
(Registration completion  may take more time than expected,  or application may be denied due to the state of screening.)

Registration FAQ

Can a minor register an account?

You can also register an account if under age of 20, *Only available when residence is in Japan
(It is necessary to live together with the parental authority for the registration   Here are the details

What kind of security action has been taken in trading system?

Our system is monitoring the trading system 24/7,
and our engineers conduct emergency response through our alarm system.

Can foreigners create an BTCBOX account?

If you live in Japan, you can use your residence card for applying personal authentication
(For overseas residents please check here

I have no experience with cryptocurrency trading

You can start trading from a small amount
For any question about operation, please do not hesitate to contact us

Check the price and prevent missing confirmation

of price fluctuation by the widget of price alert.

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Notice on Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrencies currently traded by our company are approved by the Financial Services Agency and the Finance Bureau.